Do You Need Our Generator Installation Services?

We offer generator installation and electrical repair services in New Bedford & Dartmouth, MA

A generator can be used to power everything, from whole homes to construction sites. If your generator breaks down, however, you could be stuck without power for days. MAK Electric LLC provides generator repair and installation services in New Bedford & Dartmouth, MA and surrounding Massachusetts area. You can call us at any time to fix your existing generator or bring you a new one.

Contact MAK Electric now to ask about our generator repair and installation services. We work with portable and automatic backup generators.

You don't have to worry about setting up your generator

You don't have to worry about setting up your generator

MAK Electric will handle your entire generator installation from start to finish. If you need a portable generator instead of an automatic one, we'll handle the setup, too. When you reach out to us for a generator, we will:

  • Bring the automatic or portable generator to your location
  • Take care of your wiring
  • Test the generator to make sure all connections work
  • Pick it up when you're done, if necessary

Call 774-473-0886 today to get started on your generator installation. A master electrician located out of New Bedford & Dartmouth, MA can come to your home or business at your convenience.